KRTU is Music for Independent Listeners

KRTU is a diverse community of music-lovers who value the station's contribution toward a vibrant San Antonio through its one-of-a-kind listening experience.

KRTU listeners are unique and original, and that's why KRTU is Music for Independent Listeners.

A few of the qualities we see in our listeners and supporters include a willingness to experiment listening to new music while learning about the history behind the music, thinking critically about our own educational, entertainment and lifestyle choices, willing to attend concerts featuring local and regional musicians, valuing community based events etc. Our listeners and supporters are independent people in multiple ways.

Kory Cook, Music Director

Listen for Yourself

As KRTU's reach expands, we're looking forward to welcoming more listeners and are excited about this new tagline which will help in introducing them to the station. 

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Music for independent listeners

Wednesday, August 23, 2017