KRTU Celebrates International Jazz Day

April 30, 2019 -

International Jazz Day brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots. KRTU celebrates its future and impact by raising awareness of the need for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. Be a part of the movement! 

Each year on April 30, this international art form is recognized for promoting peace, dialogue among cultures, diversity, and respect for human rights and human dignity; eradicating discrimination; promoting freedom of expression; fostering gender equality; and reinforcing the role of youth in enacting social change.


With your support, KRTU remains committed to keeping our eyes open for a brighter future. Together we can:

-  Be a leader in independent media. 

As an independent media outlet, KRTU provides vital exposure and support of the greater San Antonio arts community. It uses its independence to enrich the cultural fabric and increase exposure for otherwise marginalized artists - the South Texas Jazz Project broadcasts and archives the work of regional musicians, while emphasizing their relevance within a broader historical context.

- Be a leader in the arts.  

As a leader in the arts, KRTU collaborates with cultural institutions to strengthen the impact of San Antonio’s arts community. Monthly concerts that take place in a range of settings, from public gardens to fine art museums, demonstrate the connection between music and art.

Commit to the very best in jazz/radio education.  

As an educational organization, KRTU cultivates an appreciation of jazz and ensures the accessibility of jazz music for youth of all ages. Listening to KRTU is a rare opportunity to learn about the history and context of the entire jazz canon.  As a working radio station, KRTU provides hands-on learning experiences to Trinity University students. Students in radio broadcasting and audio production classes, as well as KRTU interns, are introduced to a variety of professional paths and employment opportunities through exposure to the San Antonio music and arts industry.

- Grow as a nonprofit leader. 

As a nonprofit, independently funded by listeners, underwriters, grants and Trinity University, KRTU remains mission-driven and utilizes its broadcast resources to meet the needs of the San Antonio arts community. KRTU serves local businesses and nonprofits by providing affordable underwriting opportunities, media partnerships for events, and public service announcements.


We simply couldn't be here without you, your support, and your enthusiasm for pushing the dial forward. 




Tuesday, March 26, 2019