Jazz Break at Noon - October 2019

The Jazz Break at Noon is KRTU’s weekly, mid-day program. Hosted by Music Director Kory Cook, the program is an educational listening session highlighting major artists, styles, and themes from jazz music’s rich history. From rare recordings of the 1930s to today’s most progressive sounds, the Jazz Break at Noon takes you on an educational sonic journey through jazz history.
Oct 1-4:
Educators in Jazz: Nurturing the Future of the Music 

One of the many reasons our listeners show their support for KRTU is for the station's position as a valuable resource for education in jazz. This week we'll feature recordings from artists who have nurtured and fostered a strong education in jazz for students worldwide. Listen for highlights from Wynton Marsalis, Clark Terry, Sherrie Maricle, Lisa Parrott, Barry Harris, Terrell Stafford, George Garzone and many others.
Oct 7-11:
Membership Drive Edition: 100 Years of Art  Blakey 

Born on October 11, 1919 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, drummer and bandleader Art Blakey left a legacy in music education and leadership that transcends generations of students and musicians. This week we'll celebrate the birth of Blakey with a special Centennial edition of the Jazz Break at Noon, featuring words from numerous, former jazz messengers.


Oct 14-18:
Remembering Harold Mabern

Pianist, bandleader, and jazz messenger Harold Mabern died last month at the age of 83. Performing regularly throughout his final years, Mabern left us a series of recordings to hear and enjoy. We'll listen to some of Mabern's Blue Note classics this week alongside his most recent work joined by today's rising stars. 
Oct 21-25:
Dizzy Gillespie: The Be-Bop Pioneer

Trumpet icon and bandleader Dizzy Gillespie did more than just change how other improvisers swung after the mid 1940's. His early innovations in Latin music, and later in hard bop and funk continued to influence scores of musicians throughout his life into the 1990's and beyond.
Oct 28-Nov 1:
American Mavericks and European Outsiders
This week we'll explore the roots of the American avant-garde in improvised music and its effect on free jazz scenes throughout Europe. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019