2014: At a Glance

This year has been a robust one for KRTU. 

In 2014, we hosted more than six member-only experiences, launched the Skyline Swing event series that attracted 1400 dancers over the year, and co-presented twenty-four separate events at four different arts institutions in San Antonio for over 7500 KRTU members and community attendees. 

In the studio, we produced 11 Indie Overnight Plugged-in Sessions and 19 South Texas Jazz Project profiles, added over 700 new jazz tracks to KRTU play, and taught over 70 Trinity University students. 

We’ve also experienced a lot of firsts this year, such as organizing our first-ever Indie Overnight concert event, holding a Live from Studio B broadcast in Laurie Auditorium, and growing to a staff of six full-time professionals. 

Along with our staff, nine interns, forty-four volunteer on-air hosts, 1565 members, 35 business and organization underwriters, and innumerable others in the KRTU community kept us on the air.

We’re excited to welcome 2015, as we continue to innovate and improve our programming.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014