Rooftop Jazz

Jul 21 2017 - 8:00pm
Artpace 445 North Main Avenue 78205

Artpace and KRTU Members are invited to a special members-only concert on the roof of the Artpace gallery in Downtown San Antonio.

Rooftop Jazz is an exclusive experience just for members of KRTU and Artpace. Members enjoy a visual art display while listening to an upbeat jazz performance, and can tour the galleries. DOORS OPEN AT 8 P.M. / MUSIC STARTS AT 9 P.M.

Proof of Artpace or KRTU Membership is all that it takes to attend, join today to experience Rooftop Jazz:

This is a members only event, and it is recommended that those wishing to attend join in advance.


Q: Can I bring a guest? Do they have to be a member?
A: Yes, you can bring one guest. No, they do not have to be a KRTU or Artpace Member.

Q: Can I bring a chair?
A: Space is very limited on the roof, so we cannot permit outside seating.

Q: Can I bring my own food or drink?
A: No outside food or drink is permitted. Personal water bottles are welcomed and there is a water fountain available for re-fills.

Q: Is there a dress code? What should I wear? 
A: There is not a dress code, many members sport their KRTU t-shirt. If there is a specific musical theme for the event, please feel free to arrive in era-specific clothing (encouraged but not required). The roof is an open space, so dressing in layers may be a good decision depending on the weather forecast.

Q: Will there be dancing? 
A: I don't know, that is between you and your groove.

Q: Can someone else use my membership card if I can't go?
A: If the family member's name is also on the membership record or card, that is permissible. Unfortunately we cannot allow "membership transfer" for admission to this event because of the limited space.

Q: Can I renew my membership at the door?
Yes. Please bring a check made out to KRTU or exact change for the level at which you would like to renew your membership.

Q: I can't find my membership card! I haven't gotten my new card yet!
 No worries. We will have a list at the door.

Aaron Prado Sextet: Herbie Hancock Tribute *