KRTU Tower Initiative

YOU can be part of this historical expansion: In early 2017, KRTU will start broadcasting at 30,000 watts, a significant increase from its current HD terrestrial signal strength of 8,900!

The future of KRTU as a world-class radio station is dependent on audience reach. The KRTU Tower Initiative will ensure that 91.7 can thrive in today’s increasingly competitive radio and media markets.

Broadcasting from a new tower with greater capacity will enable KRTU to meet the need of San Antonio’s rapidly expanding metropolitan area.

Current Broadcast Profile:

  • wattage: 8,900
  • population reach: 1,301,102 
  • service area: 549 square miles

KRTU Tower Initiative - New Broadcast Profile:

  • wattage: 30,000
  • population reach: 1,895,904
  • service area: 3,059 square miles 

Your support will enable KRTU to thrive as a cultural force in San Antonio for the next 40 years:

Donate to the Tower Initiative


KRTU Initiative Fundraising Goals*:

  • $170,000 = construction (Late 2016)
  • $210,500 = signal launch (Early 2017)
  • $310,500 = first three years rent (December 2017)

* Fundraising goals and dates updated February 2017, based on final construction and installation cost estimates. 


From a KRTU Member:

"Trinity’s KRTU 91.7 is the Jazz life blood for San Antonio-- playing, inspiring, sharing, promoting, educating an entire community for jazz, about jazz. As a personal member for over 6 years and now as a business partner with Bella On the River, I know first hand what an incredible resource that KRTU is and how KRTU truly contributes to and makes a difference in so many lives. And in return, the “on air” references and mentions of Bella’s sponsorship appeals to an audience, a listener, that Bella wants as a customer, as a guest, in the restaurant.

"The Tower Initiative gives us an opportunity to expand this reach and influence to the outlying communities through more powerful tower of reach, ‘the tower of power’ if you will for Jazz for San Antonio and beyond. I will remain a BIG KRTU Jazz 91.7 supporter and pledge my commitment to the Tower Initiative."

David Snyder
Owner, Bella On the River
Rhythm Section Member, KRTU Business & Professionals Group