Submit a PSA

KRTU Policy & Guidelines for Public Service Announcements.

KRTU broadcast Public Service Announcements (PSAs) as part of our mission to serve listeners and the community.

PSA requests must meet the following criteria:

  • Events or information must be submitted by a not-for-profit organization, non-profit agency, or benefit a non-profit entity.
  • Events or information should have appeal and value to the KRTU audience and/or provide some service or benefit to the community, listeners and/or members.
  • Events/information must be located and pertain to San Antonio and its greater area.
  • General announcements must be linked to a local non-profit organization.
  • PSA categories include: Arts & Culture, Community Events, Business & Education, and Health & Safety.
  • Events or information related to candidates for office or political organizations will not be aired.
  • Events or information promoting religion will not be aired.  However, events taking place at a church by an organization with of no religious affiliation are permissible upon review of the station.

PSA Scheduling & Submission Information:

  • PSAs will be selected at the discretion of the PSA Coordinator. Placement and frequency cannot be guaranteed. Guaranteed schedules are only available through the purchase of underwriting time or a community partnership agreement.
  • Events that are free to the public will have priority and must be listed as: THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
  • Events or information relating to KRTU’s mission will have priority.
  • A limited number of PSAs will be aired during KRTU’s on-air membership campaigns.
  • PSAs should be written in a neutral language that does not endorse, promote or call to action.  However, PSAs may include the word “free,” but not other pricing will be included   PSAs may be rewritten by the PSA Coordinator.

Additional Submission Information:

  • KRTU accepts 20-second (50 words or less) scripts or bullet point information only. Maximum of one page per event. KRTU does not air pre-recorded PSAs.
  • No PSA information will be taken over the telephone.
  • Requests should be submitted to the station at least 3 weeks before the event date. PSA’s will only run a maximum of 4 weeks. At that time a new PSA must be submitted.
  • Not all PSAs submitted will be placed on-air.