Storytelling and Music Blends at Live Broadcast

Live from Studio B broadcasts have been an integral part of KRTU since the early 1980s, and over 300 local jazz musicians have been profiled through our South Texas Jazz Project since it launched in 2009.

In 2013, we combined the two initiatives and invited KRTU Members to a live broadcast event that would simultaneously record the original work of local musicians for archive while broadcasting live over the airwaves. In November, we moved this exclusive members-only experience from our Studio B space to the illustrious Laurie Auditorium.

On June 25, we welcomed the Jim Cullum Jazz Band for another of these experiences - the South Texas Jazz Project Live from Laurie Auditorium. A San Antonio native, Jim Cullum helped put San Antonio on the music map nationally through his syndicated "Riverwalk Jazz" [hyperlink:] radio program which is now available online through the Stanford University Libraries.

The night was punctuated with stories from a life of music, hosted by JJ Lopez and engineered by Emilio Alvarez. A crowd favorite included Cullum's telling of an incident when he was a student at Trinity University and the electricity went out during a commencement ceremony. The President at the time requested that the band play on in the dark to fill the void. They did so, unable to see their sheet music to the one and only song they had prepared - "Pomp and Circumstance."

See left for the schedule of South Texas Jazz Project radio shows this month, and when you can hear a re-broadcast of the Jim Cullum Jazz Band Live from Laurie Auditorium.

Thursday, July 2, 2015