Record-breaking success of Fall Membership Drive!

For the first time ever, KRTU attempted to end its on-air fundraising campaign early, AND set the largest goal-to-date to reach in order to achieve that aim.

Across KRTU's expanded listening area, listeners have declared their support loud and clear for exceptional, non-commercial radio programming that is rooted in the community!

We are thrilled to have met the $100,000 goal - funds that will go directly toward covering essential operational costs! THANK YOU!

Welcome to the many first-time donors and our sincere gratitude to the many long-time listeners and KRTU Members that renewed their commitment to Music for Independent Listeners! 

Strike up the band!

...And remember...

Listeners can become KRTU Members at any time of the year by visiting, and start enjoying benefits immediately. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017