Meet the Latest Addition to the KRTU Equipment Family

Recently, KRTU added the new Behringer XR18 mobile sound board to its equipment fleet. You can hear its contribution on South Texas Jazz Project recordings like our live broadcasts from Laurie Auditorium or arts partner concert series, such as at Artpace’s Rooftop Jazz or San Antonio Art Museum’s Art Party.

In addition to sounding great, our new XR18 is much easier to get around town than any of our previous recording equipment. The board itself is no bigger than a shoebox and is wirelessly controlled by a tablet or even a smartphone. This way, the user is free to mix sound anywhere in a room. Musicians can even alter their own mix from their phone while on stage. This really is the future of sound engineering.

The XR18 also has USB connections so we can record multiple tracks directly onto a laptop for later editing. The benefit of recording multitrack, rather than recording an entire performance as one single .wav file, is that we are able to record each instrument individually and then edit those individual instrument recordings to create the best mix for radio, or for any other audio use.

Stay tuned for recordings and broadcasts from KRTU that utilize the Behringer XR18, and feel free to stop Emilio at an event to check out how the mobile audio controls work. Our dedicated donors make it possible for KRTU to stay up-to-date on recording advancements and to produce quality recordings that preserve and broadcast the work of local South Texas jazz artists.

Friday, May 1, 2015