Local Eateries and Cafes Support KRTU's Membership Drive

The KRTU team could not be here with empty stomachs! 

As we count down the days until the drive, we want to thank those who are giving us the fuel we need to keep moving forward! 

The membership drives at KRTU are 8 full days of fundraising (and fun-raising) for KRTU staff from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm -- that can be exausting! But we all know that it's a critically important time for the station, as over 60% of KRTU's annual operating income comes from donation made by individual listeners (like you!), and the on-air drives are when most listeners declare their support of the station or give additional gifts to help us reach our goal. 

Food donations received by local businesses fuel the staff, interns, on-air hosts, volunteers and students is a special treat! It keeps everyone energetic and happy!

We are so grateful to these local businesses that are supporting KRTU during our Spring Membership Drive with delicious donations:

El Milagrito

Rosella Coffee

W. D. Deli


Bakery Lorraine

Chef Dave Terrazas of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens


Thursday, March 21, 2019