Live & Local - January 2021



KRTU's Indie Overnight Live & Local is a showcase of local musicians and music. You can tune in to Live & Local everything Thursday night from 10 pm 'til Midnight, hosted by Travis Hildenbrand, edited and directed by Albert Salinas.


January 7th - Bitforce

The kings of Nerd-core/Metal-core/Totally-sick-Texas-Tunes-core are back with a brand new full length album!  Fans across the Lone Star State and beyond originally grew to adore Bitforce for their creative covers of anime and video game music.  Now, the heroic trio has created an entirely original masterpiece for us all to enjoy.  We virtually sit down with the band to discuss this new direction, the mythology of "the Bitforce," and how they are giving back to the San Antonio music scene.

January 14th - LIVIN'

Here on Live and Local, it's all about the music.  LIVIN' gives us what we want and more with their new release Abysmal Ligatures, a high energy, heart pounding collection of songs that beautifully blurs the boundaries of trash, harcore, punk, and rock'n'roll.  In many cases, music can be a unifying force, turning strangers into friends and friends into family.  When we learned the backstory behind this great collection sounds, our appreciation for this special work grew even greater.  Tune in, and we think yours will too.

January 21st - Happy Birthday KRTU

It's a KRTU birthday bash extravaganza!  In celebrating Texas music, we also celebrate the people and organizations who elevate our artist's platforms and bring their art to the public.  KRTU turns 45 this week and we'll be airing a special episode packed with artists who have played a part in making everyone's favorite station what it is today.

January 28th - MVTANT

Dark, creepy, and muggy in the best way possible, MVTANT is bringing a unique sound to the Texas music landscape.  Part trance, part industrial, part darkwave, and maybe even part pop (?), it is a sound that is hard to describe, but definitely is not difficult to enjoy!  This week, we get a chance to talk to the mind behind the machine and learn a little more about the inspiration behind the art.

Friday, January 8, 2021