KRTU will Celebrate 40 Years in 2016

Since 1976, KRTU 91.7 FM has brought you programming that’s educational, engaging, innovative, and most importantly, a reflection of the community from which it broadcasts. 

KRTU serves the diverse San Antonio community in many ways: We partner with multiple art institutions to host jazz concerts every month, interview local nonprofit and business leaders every week on-air, get students involved in the broadcast and production process, and provide a platform for sharing the work of regional musicians. 

In 2012, we celebrated a “Year of Jazz” to mark ten years as a primarily full-time jazz radio station. This was an important milestone in our work to foster a programming philosophy that ensures the educational and wildly diverse presentation of modern jazz music.

As KRTU prepares to recognize its 40th year as a non-commercial, educational radio station, we are extremely proud of the entire KRTU community that has enabled the station’s growth as a respected cultural institution. Our staff, interns, students, on-air hosts, Board of Directors, listeners and KRTU Members are responsible for the important contribution KRTU makes to the cultural fabric of San Antonio.

I’m a firm believer that there is something in jazz for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, background or socioeconomic status. Impossible to define, jazz stands closest to representing nearly every culture, with rhythms and melodies from around the world. As an unique American art form with limitless diversity, the KRTU family will continue to grow as more people find their jazz.

Jazz is so much more than just music and KRTU is much more than just a radio station. We’re a unique treasure and exceptional source for those seeking inspiration, a joyous listening experience, and a connection or re-connection to the world around us. 

Kory Cook, KRTU Music Director

Tuesday, December 1, 2015