KRTU Needs Your Support!

Giving Tuesday Now

Join us in celebrating the global generosity movement, unleashing the power of organizations and the people they serve to transform their communities on May 5. Giving Tuesday Now, is a day of unity and kindness as a response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. KRTU remains committed to our community of independent listeners, and we want to continue bringing you the very best musical experiences on which you rely. Consider giving a gift to KRTU on May 5 to help us meet the needs of our community.



KRTU has suspended the spring drive out of respect for community and the many individuals involved with making the on-air drive a success.  

We understand that these are uncertain times and resources must be limited. In light of the global pandemic, many stations across the country have opted (when feasible) to suspend their spring on-air campaigns and/or continue to mindfully fundraise. Despite the many challenges the community is facing, we continue to see contributions and donations of support arrive at KRTU from new and existing members. We are emotionally floored by the generosity demonstrated by all of you who value and prioritize their commitment to KRTU during this difficult time.


Thank you for all that you do to support KRTU, jazz and independent music, and our collective commitment to serving our small business and the nonprofit sector. Know that we are humbled by and grateful for your support. You truly make KRTU a valued, community supported radio station.

Listeners support is absolutely essential to KRTU. Donations from listeners make up over 50% of our annual operating budget, which is vital to the on-air programming and community concerts you love. KRTU is truly listener-supported, and that's why it's commercial-free, playing carfully curated playlists from our exceptional team of knowledgeable local hosts.

We simply cannot be here without the support of our community!

Renewing your support of KRTU during this challenging time has an impact that will be felt by the community. By donating during this time, you are keeping KRTU on the air, providing quality programming as we all stay home to save lives. Consider making an additional gift, renewing your support, or joining as a member today. 

Thursday, April 9, 2020