Jazz Break at Noon - November 2018

The Jazz Break at Noon is KRTU’s weekly, mid-day program. Hosted by Music Director Kory Cook, the program is an educational listening session highlighting major artists, styles, and themes from jazz music’s rich history. From rare recordings of the 1930s to today’s most progressive sounds, the Jazz Break at Noon takes you on an educational sonic journey through jazz history.

Nov 5-9  &  Nov 12-16:
Jazz Born in Pittsburgh, PA
Based on the PBS documentary film "We Knew What We Had: The Greatest Jazz Story Never Told," we'll hear music from numerous jazz luminaries with one thing in common: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From piano giants Earl 'Fatha' Hines and Mary Lou Williams to drum maestro Art Blakey, bassist Ray Brown and composer/pianist Billy Strayhorn, we'll dive into the rich history and modern representation of jazz from the Iron City.
Nov 19-23:
Three Decades of Saxophonist Coleman Hawkins
From his first, two-chorus performance of "Body and Soul" in 1939 to his final years in the late 1960's, we'll trace the evolution of one of the most important figures in modern jazz with music from St Joseph, MO-born Coleman Randolph Hawkins. 
Nov 26-Nov 30:
Selections from The Complete Keynote Collection
Keynote Records was founded in 1940 by store owner Eric Bernay. With the polarization of traditional revivalists vs the new sounds of bebop in the forties, producer Harry Lim preserved for us both famous and not so famous masters of what's been described as "jazz classicism." From New Orleans to the experimental sounds of Lennie Tristano, we'll hear music from Roy Eldridge, Cozy Cole, Charlie Shavers, Milt Hinton, Red Rodney, Tristano and more. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018