Jazz Break at Noon - August 2019

The Jazz Break at Noon is KRTU’s weekly, mid-day program. Hosted by Music Director Kory Cook, the program is an educational listening session highlighting major artists, styles, and themes from jazz music’s rich history. From rare recordings of the 1930s to today’s most progressive sounds, the Jazz Break at Noon takes you on an educational sonic journey through jazz history.
Aug 5-9
The Enigmatic Roland Kirk
This we'll feature early works, rare recordings, and live, experimental excursions from the incomparable multi-instrumentalist Rahsaan Roland Kirk, born August 7, 1935, in Columbus, Ohio. 
Aug 12-16
Let's celebrate 1959!

In conjunction with KRTU's Jazz at Twilight fundraiser, we'll listen to some of those many groundbreaking, life-changing and universally adored recordings this week from the year 1959, with major contributions from Miles Davis & John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Dave Brubeck, Ornette Coleman, Wynton Kelly, Bill Evans and more.
Jazz at Twilight is KRTU’s inaugural fundraiser celebrating our community of music lovers. All proceeds benefit KRTU, all tickets must be purchased in advance. Click here for more information.
Aug 19-23 
A Tribute to Jim Cullum Jr.
This week, we'll hear a tribute to the life and work of Jim Cullum Jr. Stay tuned for more information. 
Aug 26-30
Born in Kansas City: The Charlie Parker Story
Since helping to shape and create the sound of be-bop, Charlie "Bird" Parker is forever influential and adored within the entire lineage of jazz artists today. His soaring, innovative, and often blazingly fast lines on alto saxophone sound as fresh today on record as they must've with bandleader Jay McShann in his hometown of Kansas City nearly eighty years ago. We'll hear well-known Verve and Dial sides to other hard-to-find artifacts from Bird's short but monumental discography this week. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019