Jazz Break at Noon - April 2019

The Jazz Break at Noon is KRTU’s weekly, mid-day program. Hosted by Music Director Kory Cook, the program is an educational listening session highlighting major artists, styles, and themes from jazz music’s rich history. From rare recordings of the 1930s to today’s most progressive sounds, the Jazz Break at Noon takes you on an educational sonic journey through jazz history.

April 8 - April 12:
Your Listener Requests and Favorite Gems
During our 2019 Spring Membership Drive, we'll take requests with your pledge of support to KRTU and play them back for you during the Noon hour. Also, expect a surprise guest or two joining us to discuss the importance of supporting your local jazz and independent music station.  

April 15 - April 19:
Jazz Poetry Week
In conjunction with National Poetry Month and Jazz Appreciation Month, KRTU collaborates with local poets, artists, writers and musicians to present a week of poetry, jazz and live performances in our studio. Guest host Jim LaVilla-Havelin leads our daily discussion and excursion into both classic and current recordings, combined with texts and original works from both local poets and those based around the world.  

April 22 - April 26:
Mingus in the 1970's - His Final Years
Bassist, composer and bandleader Charles Mingus is among giants in jazz who came up in the music during the mid 1940's as major figures in bebop. Although many of his most memorable and adored recordings were pressed in the '50's and '60's, Mingus' 1970's recordings remain compelling and innovative. New, loyal members were introduced to the band, including artists who would carry on the sound of Mingus, established decades prior. 

April 29 - April 30:
International Jazz Day Celebration
NESCO Goodwill Ambassador and jazz diplomat Herbie Hancock created and now chairs International Jazz Day, celebrated worldwide on April 30. IJD is designed to "highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe." Join us as we close out the month of April with music from all over the world, and with a focus on both Northern Europe and Latin American countries.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2019