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We’re happy you’re here to learn more about this living and evolving art form. Jazz is America’s original musical tradition - a creation all our own that has powerful roots dating back to the early twentieth-century with the development of the blues and the adaptation of classical music forms. Since then, jazz has evolved to include elements of folk, rock, R&B, soul, latin and world music. Influenced by so many popular genres of the past and the present, we are confident that there is a style of jazz that you’ll love!

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You'll find just a few of the many jazz subgenres that play on KRTU every day.

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Tune in anytime Monday through Friday 5 a.m. - 7 p.m. to experience any and all varieties of subgenres during our core programming. We guarantee that our passionate hosts will help you build your jazz knowledge while keeping your musical soul satisfied!

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"How I Found My Jazz"

“A moment of appreciation for listener supported KRTU 91.7 FM in San Antonio, one of only two stations I listen to in addition to NPR. Listening today, the station is celebrating Brad Mehldau's birthday and is cycling through the catalog of recordings that spans several configurations of his trio. This station is one of those few where segments are hosted by local jazz musicians, strictly on a volunteer basis offering not only educated commentary on what you're listening to but also showcasing the great jazz fellowship that San Antonio has to offer. Consistently on point with their musical picks, their hosts are well versed in the tradition and their passion really comes through in each show. A rare gem indeed.”
Damian Garcia, musician/supporter/listener