KRTU Congratulates Graduating Student Interns

From left to right: Simone Washington, Thomas Johnson, Dominic Walsh (photo by Kathleen Creedon)

Written by Monica Riena, Station Manager

The 2020 spring semester at Trinity University will definitely go down in history.
The semester started out great with KRTU student interns refreshed from the winter break ready to work on their duties of producing calendars, covering on-air shifts, assisting in fundraising, reviewing new music for Indie Overnight programming, and helping to promote KRTU sponsored events. The staff was happy to have them back  supporting the KRTU community. 

When the senior interns left for spring break on March 9th, they didn’t realize it would be the last time they’d work at KRTU or return to student life as they knew it. The Coronavirus immediately put the world in a whirlwind of uncertainty. The university was shut down and students had to move back home to finish the semester in virtual classrooms. The KRTU offices and studios became desolate with only essential employees allowed to be on campus to help stop the spread of the deadly virus. Despite the unpredictability of life during the pandemic, the KRTU student interns prevailed and completed the semester from hell. 

The KRTU staff would like to congratulate seniors Thomas Johnson, Dominic Walsh, and Simone Washington and share the following quotes from their experience as KRTU student interns.  

“Working at KRTU was the highlight of my time at Trinity. I interviewed amazing artists, met some of my best friends, and picked up skills that I’ll use for the rest of my career. Of all the organizations and people at Trinity, I’ll miss KRTU and the station staff the most.” - Dominic Walsh - Class of 2020 

If only I had found KRTU 4 years ago. This group of critically thinking, opinionated, music-loving team knows what it means to belong to a community. Talented and profound, the Trinity KRTU community is something special. In my short time working at the station, I learned how to operate a soundboard, curate my own setlist, and host on-air shows. The music was a reprieve from the world's everyday madness. Thanks to everyone who made this a reality." - Simone Washington - Class of 2020

As the 2020 fall semester begins and students and staff are allowed to safely return to campus, the KRTU staff looks forward to mentoring these young souls and offering the life-changing experiences made possible by the community of KRTU supporters. 


Monday, June 1, 2020